Happy Anniversary to The Waitress Confessions!

cropped-thewaitressconfessions1.jpg“I year ago I decided to start a blog….”

Originally, The Waitress Confessions was started to help me vent about the problems at work and everything revolving around the restaurant business.  But something happened.  Instead of wanting to (excuse my language) bitch about the woes of waitressing, I realized that I wanted to help servers find ways to improve their work ethic and customer service, while at the same time providing them with true stories that they can relate to and helpful tips that they can implement into their every day serving skills.

Not only did I want to help servers, but diners as well.  There are so many people out there who, through no fault of their own, don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes at a restaurant and wouldn’t really know exactly how things work.  It’s no ones fault…but people need to speak up about the do’s and don’ts of eating out.  I really wanted people to know proper dining etiquette and realize that servers are regular, normal people – not servants.

I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank The Waitress Confessions’ loyal readers.  I appreciate all the feed back and comments more than you’ll know.  I also wanted to thank Total Food Service – Metro New York’s Foodservice Publication at www.totalfood.com for giving me a chance to publish one article a month in their magazine.  It was certainly an unexpected surprise to hear from them one day and I am glad to have been invited to be part of their publications.

So, what’s our plan for the upcoming year?  Well, we’re hoping to build more of a community by inviting people to type in their email address and follow us and send in either their true, tips, or comments.  We’ve gotten a great response from our Twitter Confessions (send us your Twitter Confessions @WConfessions) and are hoping that waiters and waitresses from all over will start using the hashtag #wconfessions when wanting to dish out any secrets or confessions about serving tables.

So feel free to be a part of The Waitress Confessions community by following us! And once again…thank you!

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