True Story: Getting Pinned and Promoted

cast iron grillCast Iron Grill
2 hours ago near Lubbock

Last month a couple came in for breakfast. I stopped by their table to check on their meal, “Everything great today yall?” Their reply was yes & then she started telling me of their journey. They were heading to the East coast to visit their son and grandkids, her excitement was contagious as she shared……”Our son is in the navy and he is being promoted to master chief”. Her pride was evident as she talks of HER hero….he is not just a navy guy, he is a great husband and an amazing father of 4, one with a disability, he called and asked if I would be the one to pin his new medal on his beautiful dress white uniform”. My heart was so excited for this mom and dad, they were so excited to be apart and celebrate in this very special ceremony…..

Tuesday the grill was crazy busy(what a blessing) as I look out in the foyer at the sea of people waiting in line I see a group familiar green fatigues…I make eye contact with my regular that is part of this group, she tells me a table of 6 and I start looking for a place. I got to know this regular through her husband that has been a regular of mine for many years now…..I never knew she served in the US Army, actually the US Army hospital, until last Spring, she started bringing in a group of girls with her, all adorned in the Army green.

I got these soldiers a table and proceeded to take care of all the other guest…..a little while later my precious regular comes up to me and asked my permission for her to do something, a question I will remember forever….. Happy Beautiful Thursday yall….In the middles of the chaotic, loud, busy grill my regular stood up and spoke in her commanding voice and the grill stopped.

She promoted 3 of these soldiers right here in the middle of the dining room. I stood back with tears running down my face as we all watched these soldiers get “pinned” & promoted. My precious regular explained to the 180 guest present that since the government “shut down”, there are no ceremonies right now and no venues available for promotion but these soldiers deserved to get recognized and promoted. Oh Mylanta it was an amazing blessing to be apart of this special occasion….it may not have been as grand as the regular that was able to pin her son with the dress uniform on and many family and friend present but it was special and truly a gift.

This is the grill….flawed in so many ways & yet our Heavenly Father allows amazing “perfect” things to happen. I am honored to have been apart of these soldiers’ journey.

by: Teresa

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