This Week’s Customer Complaint

In your opinion, what is the worst thing a waiter or waitress can do while serving you?

customers2“Purposely ignore me.  I was at a restaurant one day before 4 o’clock on a Sunday. The waitress took our order, brought our food, but then never came back. We had no utensils or napkins either.  After waiting a while, we saw her walking around and tried to get her attention, but soon as she saw our hands raised she just walked away.  We had to ask someone else to get it. Then, after our meal, we wanted another drink, but we couldn’t find our waitress anywhere. She didn’t even bring us our bill and at that point we decided to leave.  So, we went to the front to pay and saw her by the kitchen chatting up a storm with her co-workers. She saw us leaving and purposely looked away and continued her conversation.  We left and never looked back.”  -Laura (Massage Therapist)

Our thoughts…

This is a clear example of servers purposely ignoring their customers.  Both the guests and the server know it’s happening, which creates a very hostile environment.  Now, not only did the waitress’ lack of work ethic leave the customers feeling neglected, but it also lost the restaurant more sales.  Instead of checking in on her guests every so often and up-selling, this particular waitress treated work more like a social outing.  If you’re honestly looking to build up your clientele, do not purposely ignore them. If you see them trying to get your attention, get to them as fast as possible.  Keep on top of your tables and be readily available to anticipate your guests’ needs. Read more

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