Featured in Total Food Service : October Issue

For the sake of digging deep down into the mind of the customer, I decided to ask several people from various locations and different lines of work what they think the absolute worst thing a server can do is. From expert salesman to full-time student, every individual has their own personal needs, but all expect a level of service that is genuine and courteous. – The Waitress Confessions (Read more…)

The Waitress Confessions - Total Food Service

I’m happy to announce that The Waitress Confessions was featured on another website!

Please check out Total Food Service  or click on the image on the right to view the article “What Not to Do…According to Regular Customers“

Also feel free to browse previous featured posts:

August 2013 : 8 Tips on How To Train a New Waiter/Waitress

September 2013 : Regular Customers: How to Keep Them Coming Back For More

See you soon!

The Waitress Confessions signature JPEG


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