The Results Are In!

Last week’s server poll brought in a lot of people from Twitter wanting to give their opinion and so a big thank you to Server Problems ( @itsaserverslife ) who re-tweeted the post bringing in many viewers! You rock!

So, in today’s news…the results are in to the question “What Do You Do When…A Customer Thanks You For Your Great Service”

Results Sept 11

A whopping 56% of the votes went towards “Thank them and say ‘I hope to see you again soon”.  I’m guessing the reason for this is that it actually is the most standard reply.  There may be another hidden reason behind it.  Either the servers are generally worried about giving their name to their guests or they don’t want to invite most customers back to see them (specifically).  Sometimes getting a different rush of customers can be rewarding.

I’m a little surprised by the 11% of voters who feel awkward about compliments.  I feel awkward when I first started as a waitress and realized that people actually do go out of their way to compliment servers who are good.  Most people won’t say anything at all, feeling too shy or wonder what it’s going to accomplish.  So, when a customer raves about your service, don’t feel awkward.  Feel proud that you did an amazing job!

15% of the voters believed that when people thank you for the good service, what they’re really doing is skimping out on the tip.  Actually, it happens a lot.  I’ve served tables that the timing was perfect, we laughed and made jokes together, the bill got higher and higher and I thought for sure I was going to get above the standard tipping percent.  Everything was excellent.  Then, when the check is handed back to me, everyone thanks me for the amazing service, “You’re one of the best waitresses we’ve had in a while”, and then …..BOOM! You open the check presenter only to find that they left you $20 on a $300 bill.  Great…..get my hopes up why don’t you?

19% of voters are just like me.  I’m really the kind of waitress to invite people back to see me.  Something that I’ve noticed is on Saturday and Sunday nights I sometimes get more tables than the rest of the waitstaff.  I remember clearly one Saturday night, there were 12 servers working.  It was the beginning of our shifts and I got the first table.  Then, all of a sudden, I’m getting a second one.  Apparently they asked for my section because they loved my service last time and remembered my name.  So I had two tables while everyone else had none.  The next people who walked in? You guessed it! Also asked for my section.  The other servers were furious, asking “Why are you getting all the tables?”.  I told them because I do my job properly.  They went off to complain to the manager. He just laughed at them. “What do you want me to do?” he said, “Tell the customers they can’t be served by her because it’s unfair to everyone else? I don’t think so.”

Everyone has a different way of serving, so I say…to each their own! Do what you feel is comfortable and what feels right to you as a server.

Why do you reply the way that you do?  Do you find it benefits you in any way?

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